AC Duct Cleaning Dubai

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AC Duct Cleaning Dubai Homeowners Need

Here’s a glimpse on the renowned AC Duct Cleaning Dubai homeowners really need. While most residents do not realize the importance of maintaining clean ducts, we’re busy doing our part by spreading awareness on indoor air quality and the importance of maintaining clean air distribution ducts throughout your premise. As an ISO Certified AC Duct Cleaning company in Dubai, we highly recommend cleaning and disinfecting your AC ducts at least once a year. This helps ensure that the supply and return air ducts are free from dust, germs, and viruses which could cause allergies and various health problems including the famous SBS (Sick Building Syndrome).

We provide our quality AC Duct Cleaning service in Dubai and other emirates. Our experts are equipped with the most advanced technologies and tools to ensure that your ducts are perfectly clean and disinfected. It is worth noting that most duct cleaning companies depend on manual methods or rotating brushes to eliminate dirt within hands reach. Such methods have defied the purpose of duct cleaning time after time by leaving the deep sections branches untouched.

Our duct cleaning services utilizes the most advanced technology that extends deep within the duct distribution to ensure that even the most challenging branches are tackled effectively. Once we are done our team provides you with a professional report detailing the before and after duct condition with photographic evidence.

When is AC Duct Cleaning required?

  • When in doubt that the Indoor Air Quality has been compromised.
  • Recommended once every year.

Benefits of AC Duct Cleaning

  • Safeguard your family by preventing frequent sickness, allergies, sore throats, headaches & migraines.
  • Avoid Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).
  • Prevent mold growth inside ducts.
  • Maintain clean and sanitized internal AC Ducts.

What's included

  • Experienced & professional AC experts.
  • Protection of indoor work area.
  • Complete duct cleaning process using NADCA certified equipment & techniques.

Additional charges apply for:

  • AC unit cleaning, maintenance or repair.
  • Work heights greater than 3 meters or requiring scaffolding.