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The Biosafe Pest Control Dubai Homeowners Recommend

When it comes to pest control Dubai homeowners and residents can truly depend on, McKleenz is definitely a reliable choice. Our treatments mainly fall into two streams, one being for preventive measures and the second for emergency treatment of existing infestations. We cover the complete range of professional pest control treatments including the most common pest infestations that include cockroaches, bed bugs, ants, rodents and termites.

Our aim is to position ourselves as one of the leading Pest Control Companies in Dubai. Our objective is to create a safe pest free environment. So, when it comes to environmentally friendly pest control Dubai property owners trust, McKleenz is an excellent choice. Whether you are looking for commercial pest control, suffering from serious infestations at home or simply need a preventive annual pest control contract, we’re here to help and are in fact one phone tap away.

Why is McKleenz the Best Pest Control Dubai based Provider?

As a reliable pest control Dubai based provider, we present a number of advantages. Our qualified professionals and large fleet carry the finest pesticides and equipment and are therefore able to cater to emergencies on-demand within the hour.

Out of the vast number of Pest Control Dubai based providers, McKleenz is ISO certified and most importantly approved by Dubai Municipality to cater to the complete range of pest problems including rodents, cockroaches, ants, bedbugs and termites. All our pest control treatments adhere to the latest international standards and are performed under stringent safety measures.

Best Pest Control Dubai based Team for all Pest Problems

Whatever you may be experiencing at your home or office, we provide the following range of effective solutions for all kinds of pests including:

  • Bedbug Control
    • Exterminating bed bugs permanently may seem simple but is in fact one of the most challenging missions many pest control companies in Dubai fail to achieve. Over the years, beg bugs have developed resistance to a large number of commonly used pesticides. A single visit may not be adequate to protect your home from serious infestations, simply because conventional pest control methods are no longer effective. McKleenz are up-to-date with the latest and most effective treatments to ensure effective and durable pest treatments.
  • Cockroach Control
    • Aside from being the most common pest problem in Dubai and all over the UAE, cockroaches spread disease particularly because they are attracted to rotten food, phlegm, excrements and general waste. Cockroaches can result in detrimental reputational damages to homes and in major losses to businesses when encountered. Cockroaches result in unpleasant odors particularly in large infestations.
  • Ticks Control
  • Flies Control
  • Mosquito Control
  • Snake Control
  • Rodent Control
  • Rat Control
  • Ant Control
  • General Pest Prevention

I'm Still Seeing Pest Problems & Not Certain What to Do?

Nothing to worry about there, simply reach out to us on our toll-free line 80055336 and we’ll gladly look into it for you. It is worth noting that the recurrence of pests is triggered by a number of causes. Our experts recommend that you maintain excellent hygiene by actively cleaning up left overs and by storing food securely to prevent accessibility to pests. We highly recommend trying out our professional range of cleaning treatments.

In certain exceptional cases one-time treatments may not be adequate to tackle deep infestations and you may be required to avail more than one treatment to achieve a guaranteed long-lasting result. In all cases, we stand by our renowned commitment to provide our valuable customers with the best pest control possible and where this is not possible we are committed to provide a complete refund within the first three months after treatment.

Looking for a Licensed Pest Control Dubai based Provider?

Absolutely! McKleenz has undergone all the necessary tests and approvals to operate in accordance with the rules, regulations and safety precautions stipulated by Dubai Municipality pest control division. Furthermore, the company employs a proficient team of carefully selected experts comprising of pest control engineers, technicians and assistants who are tested, registered and authorized to perform in accordance with the company’s high-quality pest control standards.

I Require Emergency Pest Control Near Me, How Soon Can Help Arrive?

For urgent home pest control requirements, you can book instantly using your phone. All you have to do is download the McKleenz Android or IOS app and register. Booking typically takes less than a minute. Upon registration, users can set their preferred address, selected the desired date/time and choose the desired pest control treatment.

For your convenience, we limited the pest control treatment options to the most commonly requested treatments namely general, rodents, bedbugs, ants, cockroaches and termites. Upon confirmation, our customer care specialists reach out to you to validate your information and to process your order based on your selected inputs. For other pest treatments feel free to reach out to us on or on 80055336.

Do I need an Annual Pest Control Contract in Dubai?

In addition to prompt on-call emergency support, annual pest control contracts present greater savings. Our Pest Control Dubai based teams manage your home or facility through prescheduled visits.  This offers a number of advantages and ensure that your property is treated in a timely and effective manner so as to prevent unexpected or recurring infestations. Ask for our complimentary inspection and we’ll gladly recommend the best plan that meets your budget and that leaves your property safe and sound all year round.